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학술지 Home Appliance Control Framework Based on Smart TV Set-Top Box
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김정학, 류원, 정의석, 이용태
IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, v.61 no.3, pp.279-285
Most modern smart TV set-top boxes support internet connection and allow the user to install and run more advanced application programs or plugins/add-ons based on a specific platform. It means that a smart TV set-top box can be a good candidate to act as a hub that combines a wide variety of solutions for smart home services. This paper proposes a home appliance control framework based on a smart TV set-top box. As a core component, a home gateway software module is installed on the smart TV set-top box. And the architecture of the home gateway module is designed so that a home appliance control driver is installed only when necessary. To enable the user to control their home appliances in any place using a Web-based application or a Web browser, the proposed framework supports a WebSocket protocol-based data communication and comprises a Web server where each set-top box's network location is registered. The proposed framework is verified with a demonstration on a small-scale home model. Both IP-based and serial communication-based home appliances are included in the demonstration system. The demonstration examples show that consumers can control various types of home appliances in any place through a smart TV set-top box solution.
Home appliance control, set-top box, smart home service, smart TV
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Advanced application, Application program, Home appliance control, Home gateway, IP-Based, Internet connection, Serial Communication, Set-top-box(STB), Small-scale, Smart Homes(SH), Software module