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학술대회 A Channel Allocation Method for IEEE802.19.1 Coexistence Service to Mitigate Interferences among Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
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강현덕, 김귀훈, 오진태
International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN) 2015, pp.778-783
IEEE 802.19.1 is the world first standard that specifies coexistence methods by means of exchanging messages between 802.19.1 coexistence system and wireless systems registered to the coexistence system. We propose a channel allocation mechanism for 802.19.1 management service. The mechanism mainly depends upon channel classification where the CM manages channel availability information based on TV channel classification and events on channel set transitions. Based on coexistence scenario, we evaluate performance of interference mitigation between 802.11af APs and 802.22 BSs with 802.19.1 management service. We compare throughput at 802.11af STA and 802.22 CPE with 802.19.1 management service through OPNET simulation. It is demonstrated that significant throughput enhancement on CPE of 802.22 BS with 802.19.1 management service using the proposed mechanism.
Channel allocation, coexistence, heterogeneous wireless networks, interference mitigation
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Allocation mechanism, Allocation method, Channel Allocation, Channel Classification, Heterogeneous wireless networks, IEEE 802.1, Interference mitigation, OPNet simulation, TV channel, channel availability, coexistence scenario