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학술대회 Face Recognition HW/SW IP implementation and validation for high reliability using a Virtual Platform
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이미영, 김혁, 백영석, 김성민, 구본태, 이주현
International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE) 2015, pp.1-2
15MS3100, 이종 멀티코어 클러스터 기반 스마트 디바이스용 하이퍼커넥션 서비스 지원 SW-SoC 융합 플랫폼 핵심 기술, 임채덕
This paper presents design details of a Virtual Platform (VP) which is used for developing real time hardwired face recognition system. VP is promising technology to develop complex HW/SW system because it enables the simultaneous development of hardware and software. We have implemented a Virtual Platform and we used it for developing FPGA based face recognition system. The hardware portion is modeled with Transaction Level Model (TLM) in early phase of development. After hardware have been implemented, TLM model is substituted with real hardware system. The software is simultaneously developed with TLM hardware model and SW/HW integrity verification is seamlessly done by substituting TLM model with FPGA based real hardware. TLM model was efficient because it was much faster than RTL model and it can be seamlessly interfaced with SW development environment of virtual platform. FPGA based face recognition system was fully verified using application software running on virtual platform.
Face Recognition, Virtual Platform
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Application Software, Development environment, Face Recognition system, Hardware model, High Reliability, Integrity verification, Real-Time, Transaction Level Model, Virtual platform, hardware and software, hardware system