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학술대회 A New Energy Efficient Data Transmission Method for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
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서상보, 송승미, 김은숙, 김성운
International Conference on Soft Computing as Transdisciplinary Science and Technology (CSTST) 2008, pp.675-681
08MV1400, USN 네트워킹 및 응용기술 표준개발, 김용운
The Underwater Wireless Sensor Network (UWSN) consists of sensor nodes equipped with a small battery of limited energy resource. A key design issue here is the energy efficiency that needs to be addressed in order to increase the lifetime of the network. In this paper, we apply a hexagon tessellation with an ideal cell size to deploy the underwater sensor nodes for two-dimensional UWSN. Upon this setting, we propose an enhanced hybrid transmission method that considers load balancing of data transmission in two-dimensional UWSN. The proposed method applies the threshold annulus that is defined as the distance between a node and the Base Station (BS) and allocates different frequencies to different annuluses. The simulation results show that the proposed method enhances the energy efficiency compared to the existing multi-hop forwarding methods and hybrid transmission methods. Copyright 2008 ACM.
Energy efficiency, Transmission method, Underwater wireless sensor networks, Wireless sensor networks
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Cell Size, Data transmission, Different frequency, Energy Efficiency, Hybrid transmission, Key design, Load balancing, Multi-Hop, New energy, Sensor node, Underwater sensor