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학술대회 Constructing Efficient PAKE Protocols from Identity-Based KEM/DEM
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최규영, 조지훈, 황정연, 권태경
International Workshop on Information Security Applications (WISA) 2015 (LNCS 9503), v.9503, pp.411-422
16MH1500, 상황인지기반 멀티팩터 인증 및 전자서명을 제공하는 범용인증플랫폼기술 개발, 김수형
In this paper, we propose an efficient identity-based password authenticated key exchange (IBPAKE) protocol using identitybased KEM/DEM. In IBPAKE, a client conducts authentication based on a human-memorable password and a server's identity. A distinctive feature of IBPAKE protocols, compared to the well-known EKE-like PAKE protocols, is that an adversary who even acquired a user's password cannot impersonate a server to further investigate user's sensitive information. We first construct the new IBPAKE protocol using the Boneh- Franklin identity-based encryption (IBE) scheme, and then generalize the protocol by presenting a generic method to yield an efficient IBPAKE protocol from identity-based KEM/DEM. Our fine-grained approach has concrete advantages in terms of performance. First, unnecessary parameters can be removed easily. This allows a straightforward improvement on computational cost and communication bandwidth. Our protocol gives better performance, compared to previously known IBPAKE protocols.
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Authenticated key exchange, Identity-based encryption, Sensitive information, computational cost, fine-grained, generic method