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학술대회 Thermal and Electrical Designs of RF 3D Module Based on Si Interposers with Redundant TSVs
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최광성, 문석환, 엄용성, 배현철, 이진호
Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) 2016, pp.2051-2057
16ZB1400, ESSOP CUBE 기술 기반 차세대 레이더 3D 모듈 개발, 이진호
Thermal and electrical designs were performed to implement a 3D T/R (Transmit/Receive)-module based on the Si interposers. Two types of 3D module structures were compared with respect to the thermal performance and manufacturability. The FEM simulations were conducted to check the feasibility of the Si interposers as the heat spreader in the 3D module. Two kinds of sintered silver pastes having the advantage of low temperature process were considered as a TIM (Thermal Interface Material) for the 3D module. Test vehicles with the adhesives were prepared, and their thermal performances were measured under the condition of the DC power consumption of 28W. The vertical transitions with redundant TSVs and solder bumps were designed to increase the yield of the 3D module. The effects of the open failure of the redundant TSVs on the electrical performance of the vertical transitions were simulated.
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Dc power, Decision Tree(DT), FEM simulation, Heat Spreader, Low temperature(LT), Low-temperature process, Open failure, Power Consumption, Sintered silver, Solder bump, Thermal interface materials