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학술대회 Long-Term Evolution Vulnerability Focusing on System Information Block Messages
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김민재, 박종근, 문대성, 장종수, 김영수, 이종훈
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.837-842
20HR5600, 5G+ 서비스 안정성 보장을 위한 엣지 시큐리티 기술 개발, 박종근
This paper summarizes the attack using SIB message in 4G LTE environment as a cornerstone for vulnerability research in the future 5G environment. In addition, the overall configuration of 4G LTE environment, vulnerabilities in attach and paging procedures will be described. The eNodeB delivers important information related to the eNodeB, such as cell selection information, to the UE through a SIB message as a broadcast channel. Since the SIB message transmitted on the broadcast channel is transmitted in plain text to all UEs, a malicious attacker can also receive and use it. Therefore, as can be seen in this paper, a malicious attacker can construct a rogue eNodeB using information in the SIB message and perform a man-in-the-middle attack. In this regard, it describes a SIB message that can be used in an attack. In addition, we introduce a test bed that needs to be configured and implemented in an LTE environment to send and receive SIB messages. The case of LTE vulnerability that can be verified by several SIB messages(SIB1/3/4/5/10/11) will be central described. Finally, we describes possible counterplans against attacks and examines whether vulnerabilities in LTE environment such as SIB message and rogue eNodeB can be verified in 5G environment in the future.
long-term evolution, system information block, vulnerability
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4G LTE, 5G environment, Broadcast Channel, Cell selection, Long term Evolution(LTE), Malicious Attacker, Plain text, System Information, Test-bed, Using information, Vulnerability research