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학술지 Fabrication of Low-Loss Optical Interconnected Waveguide Using a Replicated Seamless Large-area Polymeric Mold
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류진화, 이봉국, 백규하, 도이미, 박재훈, 조상욱, 정명영
Journal of the Korean Physical Society, v.65 no.4, pp.450-456
한국물리학회 (KPS)
14MC4200, 고 신뢰성 해양 센서 노드 및 센싱 요소 기술 개발, 백규하
This study proposes a simple cost-effective method of optical interconnection with a view to minimizing and overcoming the excess loss caused by the alignment tolerance between optical waveguides in the integration/interface process in order to fabricate a large-area optical circuit layer. To that end, a large-area polymeric mold with a continuous channel structure was fabricated. The fabrication process consisted of fabricating the primary polymer mold by using the original master in the polymer replication process and involved the simple alignment of the replicated polymeric mold so that only some sections overlapped with the original master. The dimensions (i.e., width and thickness) of the cavity of the polymeric mold were identical to those of the original master. When the original master was inserted into the cavity of the polymeric mold after having separated the original master and the polymeric mold, the rib structures of the original master and the channel structures of the polymeric mold could be arranged in a passive alignment. A large-area polymeric mold with a continuous channel structure was fabricated by coating a polymeric solution onto the non-overlapping original master. For this study, a polymeric multimode optical waveguide with a length of 200 mm was fabricated using the original master with a length of 130 mm with 50 straight ribs. The excess loss of the proposed large-area multimode optical waveguide interconnection, compared with the original master-based optical waveguide, was 0 dB at 850 nm.
Large-area optical waveguide, Optical interconnections, Seamless polymeric mold
KSP 제안 키워드
200 mm, 850 nm, Channel structure, Multimode optical waveguide, Optical circuit, Optical interconnection, Polymeric solution, Replication process, alignment tolerance, continuous channel, cost-effective