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10264622 (2002.10.04)
20040005119 (2004.01.08)
6912332 (2005.06.28)
The present invention relates to a parallel optical interconnection module for transmitting an optical signal over an optical fiber and receiving an optical signal from the optical fiber. According to the present invention, a reflection surface is formed at the end of the optical waveguide forming a core so that the path of light can be exactly changed and is focused. A light source/photodetector is buried within a trench using the silicon optical bench and an optical waveguide is manually aligned on the surface of the silicon optical bench, so that alignment error between the light source/photodetector and the optical waveguide can be minimized. A ferrule into which the optical waveguide is inserted is fixed to an adaptor so that alignment error between the optical waveguide and the light source/photodetector is minimized. Therefore, the present invention can minimize the coupling loss in the process during which the optical signal is transmitted to increase the optical output. Further, the present invention allows easy optical interconnection by means of a manual alignment and can increase the productivity.
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Coupling loss, Light sources, Optical fiber, Optical interconnection, Optical interconnection module, Optical signal, Optical waveguides, Silicon optical bench(SIOB), alignment error, an optical fiber