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이미지 확대
주정진, 도정윤, 박선택, 이명현, 박승구
10272675 (2002.10.17)
20030231375 (2003.12.18)
6927895 (2005.08.09)
In a wavelength converter using a nonlinear polymeric waveguide, a wavelength variable wavelength converter having a nonlinear polymeric waveguide in which insertion losses are minimized and wavelength conversion efficiencies are improved, and an optical device using the wavelength converter are provided. The wavelength converter for converting the wavelength of inputted light includes a semiconductor substrate, a first electrode formed on the semiconductor substrate, a lower cladding layer formed on the first electrode, a core layer formed on the lower cladding layer and formed of nonlinear polymer by which the wavelength of light is substantially converted by the inputted light, an upper cladding layer formed on the core layer, and a second electrode formed on the upper cladding layer, which tunes center wavelengths of the conversion by adjusting the refractive index of the core layer. The core layer includes a projected and relatively thick rib-structure, and a quasi-phase matched grating is formed in the rib.
KSP 제안 키워드
Cladding layer, Conversion efficiency(C.E.), Optical devices, Wavelength variable, insertion loss, nonlinear polymer, polymeric waveguide, refractive index, semiconductor substrate, wavelength conversion, wavelength converter