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등록 광정보 저장장치의 헤드에 적용 가능한 캔티레버형 근접장 탐침구조 및 그 제작방법

광정보 저장장치의 헤드에 적용 가능한 캔티레버형 근접장 탐침구조 및 그 제작방법
이미지 확대
송기봉, 이성규, 박강호, 김은경, 김준호
10327884 (2002.12.26)
20050252882 (2005.11.17)
6979406 (2005.12.27)
Disclosed are a cantilever-type near-field probe capable of easily improving an optical throughput and being applied to a head of an optical data storage and a method of manufacturing the same. An oxide film is formed on a silicon substrate having dielectric films formed as a mask layer on upper and lower portions thereof, and a circular dielectric film formed on the upper mask layer and providing a function of a holder. A distal end of the probe has a parabolic structure by use of an effect of a bird's peak provided due to a difference of growth rate of the oxide film produced by the dielectric film, thereby forming the initial probe. After the dielectric film is removed from the initial probe, a bottom surface of the silicon substrate is removed, thereby providing the probe with the near-field aperture having a high throughput.
KSP 제안 키워드
Bottom surface, Dielectric films, Growth rate, High throughput(HTP), Mask layer, Optical data storage, Oxide film, Silicon substrate, data storage, field probe, near-field, near-field probe, optical data
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