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오왕열, 이현재, 명승일
10364635 (2003.02.11)
20030161030 (2003.08.28)
6888670 (2005.05.03)
A low-noise optical fiber amplifier for performing a long-distance optical transmission in a wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission apparatus is provided. This amplifier includes a first optical fiber amplifier having a pre-stage optical fiber, and a first coupler for supplying pump light to the pre-stage optical fiber; a dispersion compensating Raman amplifier (DCRA) connected to the first optical fiber amplifier and having a dispersion compensating optical fiber (DCF) that compensates for the dispersion accumulated in an optical line and generates a Raman gain, and a second coupler for supplying Raman pump light onto the DCF; and a second optical fiber amplifier connected to the DCRA, and including a post-stage optical fiber and a third coupler for supplying pump light onto the post-stage optical fiber. Accordingly, this optical fiber amplifier is used for terrestrial WDM optical transmission, and thus has remarkably low noise figure compared to the existing optical amplifiers. For this reason, the optical fiber amplifier is available in long-distance transmission, and can be used in optical networks.
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Long distance transmission, Long-distance, Low noise, Low noise figure, Noise Figure(NF), Optical amplifier, Optical fiber, Optical fiber amplifiers, Optical network, Raman amplifiers, Raman gain, Wavelength Division Multiplexing(WDM), division multiplexing, fiber amplifier, optical transmission