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광섬유 격자 거울을 이용한 주파수 가변광 발전기
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김호영, 남은수, 조경익
10376455 (2003.03.03)
20040086019 (2004.05.06)
6917633 (2005.07.12)
There is provided a millimeter wave band frequency optical oscillator predicted to be used as a millimeter wave oscillating frequency signal source in a base station of a millimeter wave wireless transmission system. The optical oscillator has a double resonator structure in which a pair of wavelength tunable fiber grating mirrors are inserted into a unilateral fiber-ring laser resonator in order to internally and additionally form a linear laser resonator. The double resonator structure composed of the two stable laser resonators can oscillate laser of two modes. Due to a beat phenomenon occurring between the two modes, received laser is modulated to an ultra-speed frequency of 60 GHz or greater. A variation in the gain within a resonator is induced by a polarization controller using the dependency of laser modes upon polarization. A modulation frequency is consecutively changed from 60 GHz to 80 GHz by controlling the wavelength of light reflected by the fiber grating mirrors.
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60 GHz, Fiber grating, Frequency signal, Linear laser, Millimeter-wave band, Modulation frequency, Oscillating frequency, Polarization controller, Resonator structure, Transmission system, Tunable fiber grating, Wavelength tunable, Wireless transmission, base station(BS), beat phenomenon, laser modes, laser resonators, millimeter wave(mmWave), ring laser, signal source, wireless transmission system