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등록 광 수신기 출력 신호의 판별 수준 최적화 방법

광 수신기 출력 신호의 판별 수준 최적화 방법
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이정찬, 명승일, 한진수, 고제수
10384462 (2003.03.06)
20040057725 (2004.03.25)
7298978 (2007.11.20)
An optical receiver in an optical communication system, and more particularly, to a method and an apparatus for optimizing a decision level of a signal output from an optical receiver to obtain a minimum bit error rate (BER) by measuring output characteristics of the optical receiver and adjusting a reference voltage of the optical receiver based on a measurement result. The provided method includes measuring the strength of an electric signal at a modulated frequency out of the frequency elements of the output electric signal in the optical receiver, generating a reference voltage based on the strength data of the electric signal, inputting the reference voltage to the optical receiver and re-measuring the strength of the electric signal output from the optical receiver to determine whether the strength of the signal is minimum, and maintaining the reference voltage when the strength of the signal is minimum and adjusting the reference voltage in other cases. Thus, the provided method optimizes the distribution of level one and level zero, i.e., a decision level, of the electric signal output from the optical receiver, so the efficiency and the performance of the transferred optical signal are maximized.
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Bit Error Rate(And BER), Communication system, Electric signal, Minimum bit error rate, Optical receiver, Optical signal, bit error, decision level, error rate, optical communication systems, optical communications, output characteristics, reference voltage