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등록 양방향 위성 멀티미디어 시스템에서의 동적 자원 할당 장치 및 그 방법

양방향 위성 멀티미디어 시스템에서의 동적 자원 할당 장치 및 그 방법
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이기동, 조용훈, 이호진
10625209 (2003.07.22)
20040125784 (2004.07.01)
7346069 (2008.03.18)
A dynamic resource allocation apparatus and method for assigning timeslot in a return channel in multi-frequency time division multiple access MF-TDMA in order to have a maximum throughput is disclosed. The apparatus includes: resource request amount collection unit for accumulating a requested resource amount corresponding to each of terminals during a super-frame period; resource request amount processing unit for dividing an accumulated requested resource amount by the number of frame pairs in a super frame and storing a sum of a result of dividing and rounding up a remain of the division to a nearest integer as a request amount of each corresponding terminal; and resource allocation unit for deciding a time slot allocated at each of terminals corresponding to a frame pair based on optimal allocation amount, which is decided based on the request amount by the requested amount processing unit.
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Allocation unit, Dynamic Resource Allocation(DRA), Dynamic resource, MF-TDMA, Multi-Frequency, Multimedia systems, Optimal Allocation, Processing unit, Resource request, Return channel, Super-frame, Time division multiple, Time slot, Time-division multiple access(TDMA), frame pairs, maximum throughput, multiple access, resource allocation(RA), time division