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등록 이더넷 PON의 매체접근제어 계층에서의 이더넷 데이터 처리방법 및 장치

이더넷 PON의 매체접근제어 계층에서의 이더넷 데이터 처리방법 및 장치
이미지 확대
김승환, 유태환, 이형호
10646062 (2003.08.22)
20040100962 (2004.05.27)
7274695 (2007.09.25)
A method and apparatus for processing Ethernet data frames in a media access control (MAC) sublayer of an Ethernet passive optical network (PON) are provided. The apparatus for processing protocol layers of an Ethernet passive optical network (PON) includes: an Emulation sublayer processing unit which performs cyclic redundancy check (CRC) on information included in a preamble of an Ethernet data frame transferred from a physical layer processing unit, and extracts LLIDs from the preamble; a MAC sublayer processing unit, which has one MAC address corresponding to multiple LLID indexes corresponding to the extracted LLIDs, to perform control and management; a MAC control sublayer processing unit which contains information of the multiple LLID indexes, and performs MAC control on each LLID index; a PON bridge sublayer processing unit which performs a bridge function of the Ethernet PON and tag management of the Ethernet PON; and an Emulated-MAC sublayer processing unit which performs upstream and downstream Ethernet data frame matching, FCS error checking, and PAUSE frame processing. Therefore, an effect exists in that when processing the Ethernet frames, an interface suited to the Ethernet PON system is provided.
KSP 제안 키워드
Bridge function, Cyclic Redundancy Check(CRC), Data frame, Ethernet Passive Optical Network, Frame processing, Mac address, Media access, Optical network, PON system, Passive optical network, Passive optical network (pon), Physical Layer, Processing unit, Redundancy Check, Upstream and downstream, access control, control and management, error checking, media access control(MAC), protocol layers