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등록 양방향 광송수신 모듈 및 그 구동방법

양방향 광송수신 모듈 및 그 구동방법
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김성복, 심은덕, 김기수
10714016 (2003.11.14)
20040105680 (2004.06.03)
7248616 (2007.07.24)
There are provided a bi-directional transceiver module and a method for driving the same. The bi-directional transceiver module includes a 1.3 μm Distributed Bragg Reflection Laser Diode (DBR LD) including an active layer which performs light-emission in response to a light at 1.3 μm and a DBR mirror formed near the active layer. The DBR mirror is formed to prevent an upstream signal emerging from the 1.3 μm DBR LD from being deleted by a PD. A monitoring PD and a PD for detecting an optical signal are integrated and mounted behind the DBR mirror using a butt-joint method. The 1.3 μm DBR LD, the monitoring PD, and the PD for detecting the optical signal are electrically isolated by insulated areas. To drive the bi-directional transceiver module, a forward bias (+) is applied to a p-electrode formed on the 1.3 μm DBR LD, a backward bias (−) is applied to p-electrodes formed on the monitoring PD and the PD for detecting the optical signal, and a n-electrode as a common electrode is grounded.
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Active Layer, Bi-directional, Bragg reflection, Common electrode, Distributed Bragg reflection, Laser diode(LD), Optical signal, butt-joint, forward bias
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