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등록 품질계수가 개선된 인덕터 및 그를 위한 단위 인덕터 배열 방법

품질계수가 개선된 인덕터 및 그를 위한 단위 인덕터 배열 방법
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민봉기, 현석봉, 강진영, 서동우
10714287 (2003.11.13)
20040100349 (2004.05.27)
6980075 (2005.12.27)
A method for arranging unit inductors of an inductor having metal wiring that can make a full use of self-inductance and mutual-inductance which are determined based on the proportion of the area of an unit inductor and the proportion of the overlapping area with another unit inductor, and an inductor adopting the unit inductor arranging method. The unit inductor arranging method, wherein the inductor includes a first unit inductor, a second inductor and a third inductor, and self-inductance magnitudes of the unit inductors are in the order of the self-inductance of the third inductor>the self-inductance of the second inductor>the self-inductance of the first inductor, includes the steps of: a) coupling one end of the second unit inductor is connected to one end of the first unit inductor and one end of the third unit inductor to the other end of the first unit inductor in order to arrange the first unit inductor between the second and third unit inductors of which mutual-inductance has the largest value in mutual-inductances between the unit inductors; b) coupling the second unit inductor to a first external terminal; and c) coupling the third unit inductor to a second external terminal.
KSP 제안 키워드
High quality factor, Mutual Inductance, Quality-factor(Q-factor), Self-inductance, overlapping area