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이영기, 장순호, 류광선
10750152 (2003.12.30)
20040214089 (2004.10.28)
7211352 (2007.05.01)
Provided are a composite polymer electrolyte for a lithium secondary battery that includes a composite polymer matrix structure having a single ion conductor-containing polymer matrix to enhance ionic conductivity and a method of manufacturing the same. The composite polymer electrolyte includes a first polymer matrix made of a first porous polymer with a first pore size; a second polymer matrix made of a single ion conductor, an inorganic material, and a second porous polymer with a second pore size smaller than the first pore size. The second polymer matrix is coated on a surface of the first polymer matrix. The composite polymer matrix structure can increase mechanical properties. The single ion conductor-containing porous polymer matrix of a submicro-scale can enhance ionic conductivity and the charge/discharge cycle stability.
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Charge/discharge cycle stability, Composite polymer, Composite polymer electrolyte, Composite polymer matrix, Inorganic material, Ion conductor, Lithium secondary batteries, Matrix structure, Mechanical properties(PMCs), Polymer electrolytes, Pore size, Single ion, Single ion conductor, cycle stability, ionic Conductivity, polymer matrix, porous polymer, porous polymer matrix, secondary battery
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