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11474552 (2006.06.26)
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Provided is a driving voltage control module capable of minimizing current consumption and time taken to return from a standby state to a normal state by controlling driving voltages for electronic circuits and systems for communication when a mobile communication transceiving circuit or a communication system is in a standby state in which there is no busy signal. The driving voltage control module includes a regulator for converting an input power voltage into a predetermined level of DC voltage, and supplying the converted DC voltage to an external circuit module as a driving voltage; and a voltage controller for controlling an output voltage level of the regulator, wherein, under control of the voltage controller, a level of the driving voltage is adjusted to be a standby voltage level lower than a turn-on voltage level of a switching device constituting the external circuit module. With the driving voltage control module, the transceiving circuit and the RF circuit of the RF mobile communication terminal can be supplied with distinct power voltages each corresponding to the cut-off state, the standby state, and the normal operation state, thereby reducing current consumption and the time taken to reach the normal state from the standby state. This can increase the battery lifetime and embody a high-speed RF mobile communication terminal.
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And systems, Battery lifetime, Communication system, Current consumption, Cut-off, DC voltage, High Speed, Input power, Mobile communication terminal, Normal state, Off-State, Output Voltage, RF circuits, Switching device, Turn-on, Turn-on voltage, Voltage control, control module, driving voltage, electronic circuits, mobile communication, normal operation, operation state, standby state, voltage Controller, voltage level