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등록 다중 안테나를 탑재한 무선 통신 노드간의 안테나 혹은 노드 선택 알고리즘

다중 안테나를 탑재한 무선 통신 노드간의 안테나 혹은 노드 선택 알고리즘
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정운철, 김내수, 표철식
11736798 (2007.04.18)
20080081570 (2008.04.03)
7920834 (2011.04.05)
An apparatus and method for selecting antennas and nodes in a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) communication system are provided. The apparatus includes a reception unit which detects a communication initiation signal from among a plurality of received signals, a first combination unit which calculates communication capacity based on the communication initiation signal, searches for a combination of transmission antennas that can maximize the communication capacity, and performs communication using the identified combination of transmission antennas, a second combination unit which calculates an average signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of each node based on the communication initiation signal and selects a node with a highest average SNR and performs communication using the selected node, and a selection unit which activates one of the first combination unit and the second combination unit and inactivates the other combination unit. When the quality of signals transmitted between wireless nodes deteriorates due to a poor channel environment, a node that can minimize the shadowing effect caused by an obstacle that blocks the path of transmission of signals is selected using space diversity. Therefore, it is possible to minimize link communication failures. In addition, it is possible to maximize communication capacity by achieving spatial multiplexing gain using an array antenna that is mounted on a node.
KSP 제안 키워드
Array antenna, Capacity based, Combination unit, Communication capacity, Communication system, MIMO Communication system, Mimo communication, Multi-input, Multi-output, Multiple input multiple output(MIMO), Node based, Shadowing Effect, Signal noise ratio(SNR), Signal-to-Noise, Space diversity, Spatial multiplexing gain, Wireless nodes, communication failure, each node, multiplexing gain, spatial multiplexing(SMX)