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강병수, 김성민, 정재호, 이광천
11929863 (2007.10.30)
20080136729 (2008.06.12)
7840200 (2010.11.23)
The present invention relates to an antenna matching device that varies a frequency bandwidth according to mobile communication services, and to a transceiver having the same. To this end, an exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a transceiver that varies a frequency band and a bandwidth according to required services in a mobile communication system, the transceiver including an antenna matching controller that generates a prescribed switch control signal according to a service requested by a user, an antenna variable matching unit that variably forms a matching circuit according to the switch control signal to be transmitted from the antenna matching controller and varies the frequency band and the bandwidth, an analog processing unit that processes a signal to be transmitted/received through the antenna variable matching unit, and a wideband antenna that transmits/receives a radio frequency according to the frequency band and the bandwidth set by the antenna variable matching unit. Another exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides an antenna matching device including a resistor that reduces a frequency bandwidth, an inductor that reduces a frequency passing band, a capacitor and a resistor that increase the frequency passing band, and switches that control the operations of the inductor and the capacitor. According to the present invention, unnecessary radiation power of a variable matching unit can be minimized, and maximum transmission power required according to services can be reduced. In addition, system construction costs can be reduced, and a user capacity can be increased.
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Communication services, Communication system, Construction costs, Control Signal, Maximum transmission, Maximum transmission power, Passing band, Processing unit, Radio Frequency(RF), Switch control, System Construction, User capacity, Wideband antenna, analog processing, antenna matching, frequency band, frequency bandwidth, matching circuit, matching device, mobile communication, mobile communication system, radiation power, transmission power