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등록 광트랜시버에서 광출력 지터를 감소시키는 방법 및 장치

광트랜시버에서 광출력 지터를 감소시키는 방법 및 장치
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11935191 (2007.11.05)
20080107423 (2008.05.08)
8014680 (2011.09.06)
An optical transceiver which can effectively reduce optical output jitter when an error is made during designing and manufacturing of a printed circuit board (PCB), and a method of controlling optical output jitter using the optical transceiver are provided. The optical transceiver includes a transmitter unit including an equalizing (EQ) filter which can reduce jitter of a high speed electric signal; a control circuit which controls the EQ filter; a receiver unit which receives an optical signal; and a micro-controller which controls the transmitter unit and the receiver unit. Further included in the optical transceiver is an active type or passive type EQ filter and, in the case of the active type, the control circuit is used to control the filter, in order to compensate for high-frequency component of a high speed electric signal in the transmitter unit in order to reduce reflection or loss on the PCB, and thus deterministic optical output jitter occurring due to Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI) can be reduced.
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Circuit Board, Control Circuit, Electric signal, Frequency components, High Frequency(HF), High Speed, High-frequency component, Inter-Symbol-Interference(ISI), Micro-controller(AVR), Optical Transceiver, Optical signal, Output Jitter, Passive type, printed circuit, printed circuit board(PCB)