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등록 수직구조의 탄소나노튜브를 이용한 전자소자 및 그 제조방법

수직구조의 탄소나노튜브를 이용한 전자소자 및 그 제조방법
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정우석, 이진호
12517803 (2007.11.27)
20100096619 (2010.04.22)
7989286 (2011.08.02)
Provided are an electronic device to which vertical carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are applied and a method of manufacturing the same. The method of manufacturing an electronic device having a vertical CNT includes the steps of: (a) preparing a substrate on which a silicon source is formed; (b) forming a first insulating layer on the substrate, and etching the first insulating layer such that a top surface of the silicon source is exposed; (c) forming a second insulating layer on the silicon source, and forming a gate by patterning the second insulating layer; (d) forming a third insulating layer on the gate, and forming a through hole in which a carbon nanotube channel is to be formed by etching the third insulating layer and the second insulating layer; (e) forming a fourth insulating layer surrounding the gate on the through hole and the third insulating layer, and forming a spacer by etching the fourth insulating layer; (f) forming a metal catalyst on the silicon source; (g) vertically growing the carbon nanotube channel on the silicon source using the metal catalyst; (h) forming a fifth insulating layer on the through hole in which the carbon nanotube is formed and the third insulating layer; and (i) patterning the fifth insulating layer such that the carbon nanotube channel is exposed, and forming a silicon drain. An arrangement problem of horizontal CNTs can be solved by applying vertical CNTs and a selective silicon growth technique.
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Carbon nano-tube(CNT), Manufacturing method, Metal catalyst, Silicon source, electronic devices, horizontal CNTs, insulating layer, silicon growth, through-holes, vertical structure