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등록 제어 서버의 성능 향상을 위한 IPv6-IPv4 전환 방법 및 시스템

제어 서버의 성능 향상을 위한 IPv6-IPv4 전환 방법 및 시스템
이미지 확대
박평구, 홍성백, 전경표, 이경호
12667379 (2008.04.08)
20110013647 (2011.01.20)
8891551 (2014.11.18)
The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for performing IPv6 over IPv4 transition to improve performance of a control server. When an edge router selected by the control server according to a tunnel creation request of an IPv6 terminal receives a tunnel creation request message from the control server, the edge router transmits a tunnel creation response message for the received tunnel creation request message to the IPv6 terminal through the control server, and the edge router performs IPv6 over IPv4 transition through a tunnel created by the IPv6 terminal that received the tunnel creation response message so as to improve the performance of the control server. Therefore, loads of the control server occurred because all terminals set control tunnels to the control server can be prevented, and service extensibility due to the increase in the number of subscribers can be guaranteed.
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Edge router, Number of subscribers, Service extensibility