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등록 질감에너지분석 및 신체후보군 마스크를 이용한 신체특정영역 탐지 방법

질감에너지분석 및 신체후보군 마스크를 이용한 신체특정영역 탐지 방법
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최병철, 정병호, 한승완, 임재덕
12785806 (2010.05.24)
20110123076 (2011.05.26)
8620091 (2013.12.31)
An apparatus for detecting specific human body parts in an image includes: a texture energy analysis unit for analyzing energy distribution in the image and generating texture energy maps; a candidate region-of-interest extraction unit for extracting candidate regions-of-interest for the specific body parts on a given texture energy map by applying a threshold to the given texture energy map, the given texture energy map being selected among the texture energy maps; a candidate mask application unit for performing convolution between candidate masks for the specific body parts and the candidate regions-of-interest and selecting candidate body parts based on results of the convolution; and a body part detection unit for detecting the specific body parts on the image by performing verification on the candidate body parts. The verification is performed by using machine-learning models for the specific body parts.
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Application unit, Body part detection, Body parts, Body parts detection, Detection Method, Energy distribution, Energy map, Energy measures, Extraction unit, Human body, Interest extraction, Learning model, Part detection, Region Of Interest(ROI), Region-of-interest extraction, Texture energy, energy analysis, machine Learning