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등록 집적화된 고전압 전력 소자 제조방법

집적화된 고전압 전력 소자 제조방법
이미지 확대
김종대, 김상기, 구진근, 김대용
09865004 (2001.05.23)
6404011 (2002.06.11)
98MM2500, 300V급 DMOS급 및 고속 BCD 전력소자 기술, 구진근
A method for fabricating a semiconductor power integrated circuit includes the steps of forming a semiconductor structure having at least one active region, wherein an active region includes a well region for forming a source and a drift region for forming a drain region, forming a trench for isolation of the active regions, wherein the trench has a predetermined depth from a surface of the semiconductor structure, forming a first TEOS-oxide layer inside the trench and above the semiconductor structure, wherein the first TEOS-oxide layer has a predetermined thickness from the surface of the semiconductor device, forming a second TEOS-oxide layer on the first TEOS-oxide layer, wherein a thickness of the second TEOS-oxide layer is smaller than that of the first TEOS-oxide layer, and performing a selective etching to the first and second TEOS-oxide layers, to thereby simultaneously form a field oxide layer pattern, a diode insulating layer pattern and a gate oxide layer pattern, to thereby reduce processing steps and obtain a low on-resistance.
KSP 제안 키워드
Gate oxide, Integrated circuit, Layer pattern, Low on-resistance, ON-resistance, Oxide layer, Semiconductor structure, active region, drift region, insulating layer, selective etching, semiconductor device