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13780166 (2013.02.28)
20140010258 (2014.01.09)
9170223 (2015.10.27)
11ZE1100, ETRI 연구역량 강화를 위한 R&D체계 구축 및 Seed형 기술개발을 위한 창의형 연구 사업, 지경용
The inventive concept relates to a thermal conductivity measuring device and a method of measuring the thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity measuring device may include a first structure which is connected to one side end of a sample and receives heat from a heat source; a second structure connected to the other side end of the sample; a first stage connected to the first structure while supporting the first structure; a second stage connected to the second structure while supporting the second structure; a connection unit connected between the first stage and the second stage; and a measuring unit measuring temperatures of the first and second structures and the first and second stages. Since the thermal conductivity measuring of the inventive concept correct a temperature change of a stage due to heat transmission emitted from the stage considering a measurement environment, reliability of measurement may be improved.
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First stage, Heat source, Heat transmission, Measuring unit, Temperature change, connection unit, inventive concept, measuring device, thermal conductivity
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