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등록 플립칩 본딩 광모듈 패키지 및 그 패키징 방법

플립칩 본딩 광모듈 패키지 및 그 패키징 방법
이미지 확대
엄용성, 문종태
10632589 (2003.08.01)
20040023437 (2004.02.05)
6825065 (2004.11.30)
01MD1300, WDM용 광파장 선택소자, 신장욱
A method for flip-chip-bonded optical module packaging is presented. An optical device chip including an input/output pad formed on a substrate, an under bump metal layer formed on the input/output pad, and a solder bump formed on the under bump metal layer to transmit an electric signal to the outside is prepared. A silicon wafer is prepared to rearrange input/output terminals of the chip and passively align an optical fiber with the optical device chip. Through holes are formed in the silicon wafer at predetermined intervals. An under ball metal layer is formed at the surface of the silicon wafer. A solder ball is formed on the under ball metal layer to transmit a signal to the outside. The optical device chip is flip-chip-bonded to the silicon wafer. An optical sub module is made by cutting the silicon wafer. The chip is optically connected with the optical sub module.
KSP 제안 키워드
Electric signal, Module packaging, Optical devices, Optical fiber, Optical module, Silicon wafer, Solder ball, Solder bump, Sub module(SM), an optical fiber, flip chip, metal layer, through-holes