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이미지 확대
남광우, 이종훈, 유재준, 주인학, 김민수
10611999 (2003.07.03)
20040073578 (2004.04.15)
7239759 (2007.07.03)
02MC3500, 공간정보(4S) 연계기술 지원사업, 이종훈
Disclosed is a spatial image information method and system for rapid and efficient storage in a relation type database and retrieval and management of spatial images acquired by a combined system of a global positioning system (GPS), an inertial navigation system (INS), and an image acquisition device (i.e., CCD camera). The spatial image acquired by the GPS/INS/CCD camera combined system is combined with an exterior orientation composed of a camera position (x,y,z), accelerated velocity, slope and direction at the moment the image is acquired and an interior orientation acquired by a camera calibration, so that calculation of a specified spatial coordinate information becomes possible. The spatial image information system includes a section for efficiently storing a chain of still spatial image sequences acquired by the GPS/INS/CCD camera combined system, the exterior orientation, and the interior orientation in the relation type database, a section for storing spatial information recognized as the same object by a user as maintaining the relationship with the stored still spatial image sequences, a section for efficiently retrieving images that satisfy a certain spatial information operation from the still spatial image sequences, and an interface section for external systems.
KSP 제안 키워드
Camera Calibration, Camera position, Combined system, Digital imaging(CCD camera), Exterior orientation, Global Positioning, Global positioning system (gps), Image information, Image sequence, Information systems(IS), Interior orientation, Spatial coordinate, Storage and retrieval, global positioning system(GPS), image acquisition, inertial navigation, inertial navigation system(INS), navigation system, positioning system, spatial image, spatial information