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등록 템플릿 형태의 전기영동 디스플레이 및 그 제조방법

템플릿 형태의 전기영동 디스플레이 및 그 제조방법
이미지 확대
안성덕, 서경수, 강승열, 이용의, 정명주, 김미경, 김철암, 이건홍
10715774 (2003.10.14)
20040085285 (2004.05.06)
7292222 (2007.11.06)
01MM3600, D(Digital)-paper 핵심기술 개발, 서경수
An electrophoretic display and a method of manufacturing the electrophoretic display are provided. The electrophoretic display includes an lower electrode formed on an under layer, an lower electrode protection layer formed on the lower electrode, an insulating template formed on the lower electrode protection layer and having a plurality of holes of smaller size than the wavelength of visible rays region, a dielectric fluid filling the holes and having a color, a plurality of charged particles suspended in the dielectric fluid filling each of the plurality of holes having a color different from the color of the dielectric fluid, and an upper electrode formed on the insulating template in sequential order. Accordingly, a problem of agglomeration of the charged particles can be solved by the insulating template having holes of smaller size than the wavelength of visible rays region, and thus a reliable electrophoretic display emitting light of one color or natural colors is achieved.
KSP 제안 키워드
Charged particles, Dielectric fluid, Natural colors, Protection layer, Under layer, electrophoretic display
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