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등록 광전송 시스템의 편광 모드 분산 보상 장치 및 그 보상 방법

광전송 시스템의 편광 모드 분산 보상 장치 및 그 보상 방법
이미지 확대
한기호, 주무정
10687423 (2003.10.15)
20040120629 (2004.06.24)
7010181 (2006.03.07)
02MT1500, 40Gb/s급 시분할다중 광전송 시스템, 고제수
A device for compensating for PMD occurring in a transmission optical fiber in an optical transmission system. An output beam from an optical fiber link changes its polarization state by a polarization controller (PC) to be applied to a PBS. A first polarization component passes through a variable delay line, rotates by a predetermined angle, and is inputted to the PBS. A portion of a second polarization component is transmitted by a predetermined mirror. The reflected second polarization component is applied to the PBS to be combined with the first polarization component inputted to the PBS. The transmitted second polarization component passes through a photo-detector and a BPF. The filtered signal is inputted to a PC controller to select the smaller value among the currently and previously measured power values.
KSP 제안 키워드
Dispersion compensator, Fiber link, Optical fiber, Optical fiber link, Optical transmission system, Polarization controller, Polarization-mode dispersion(PMD), Tracking technique, Transmission system, Variable delay line, an optical fiber, delay line, optical transmission, photo detector, polarization state, variable delay