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이미지 확대
조민형, 이승철, 박문양
10734574 (2003.12.12)
20040125888 (2004.07.01)
7212585 (2007.05.01)
02MM1300, 4세대 이동통신 기술개발, 한기철
There is provided a quadrature modulation transmitter which is capable of solving several problems of the conventional transmitter while performing the same function as the heterodyne transmitter or the digital IF transmitter, in which a circuit structure is simplified and a power consumption is reduced compared with the conventional transmitter. The quadrature modulation transmitter includes: a digital processing block for receiving an I-channel data, a Q-channel data and a clock signal, modulating the I-channel data or an inverted I-channel data into a first analog signal by means of an I-channel DAC according to a switching of an I-clock signal identical to the clock signal, and modulating the Q-channel data and an inverted Q-channel data into a second analog signal by means of a Q-channel DAC according to a switching of a Q-clock signal, the Q-clock signal being an inverted clock signal; and an analog processing block for receiving the first and second analog signals from the digital processing block, adding the first and second analog signals, converting the added signal into an RF domain signal through a mixing operation, and amplifying and transmitting the RF domain signal.
KSP 제안 키워드
Analog signal, Channel data, Power Consumption, analog processing, clock signal, digital IF, digital processing, quadrature modulation