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등록 게이트 판을 가진 액티브-매트릭스 전계 방출 디스플레이

게이트 판을 가진 액티브-매트릭스 전계 방출 디스플레이
이미지 확대
송윤호, 황치선, 정중희, 이진호
10745736 (2003.12.23)
20040160161 (2004.08.19)
7309954 (2007.12.18)
02MB3600, 대면적 디스플레이용 박막형 액티브-매트릭스 FED 기술개발, 송윤호
The present invention relates to a field emission display in which a gate plate having a gate hole and a gate electrode around the gate hole is formed between an anode plate having phosphor and a cathode plate having a field emitter and a control device for controlling field emission current, wherein the field emitter of the cathode plate is constructed to be opposite to the phosphor of the anode plate through the gate hole.According to the present invention, it is possible to significantly reduce the display row/column driving voltage by applying scan and data signals of the field emission display to the control device of each pixel, And the present invention is directed to improve the brightness of the field emission display in such a manner that the electric field necessary for field emission is applied through the gate electrode of the gate plate to freely control the distance between the anode plate and the cathode plate, so that a high voltage can be applied to the anode.
KSP 제안 키워드
Control device, High Voltage, driving voltage, electric field, emission current, field emission, field emission current, field emission display, field emitter, gate electrode