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등록 메쉬 게이트를 구비한 삼극형 전계 방출 소자 및 그를 이용한 전계방출 디스플레이

메쉬 게이트를 구비한 삼극형 전계 방출 소자 및 그를 이용한 전계방출 디스플레이
이미지 확대
송윤호, 황치선, 김봉철, 정중희
10675178 (2003.09.30)
20040115870 (2004.06.17)
6958499 (2005.10.25)
02MB3600, 대면적 디스플레이용 박막형 액티브-매트릭스 FED 기술개발, 송윤호
Provided is a field emission device having a mesh gate. The object of this research is to provide a field emission display (FED) using a triode field emission device for preventing increase of operation voltage, and securing high concentration of electron beams. The operation properties of the FED is different based on a structure of an extraction electrode. In this research, the extraction electrode is formed on the electron emitting source and it has a plurality of openings corresponding to the locations of carbon nanotube mixture. The concentration of the electron beams is raised and leakage current is suppressed by using an insulating mesh gate plate. The upper part of the openings has a smaller diagram than the lower part. The high concentration of electron beams and little leakage current can be generated by adding auxiliary electrodes or optimizing the shape of electrodes.
KSP 제안 키워드
Carbon nano-tube(CNT), Electron Beam, High concentration, Leakage current, field emission, field emission device, field emission display