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등록 저전력/고집적 소스 드라이버 및 그를 구비한 전류형 능동 구동 유기 EL 장치

저전력/고집적 소스 드라이버 및 그를 구비한 전류형 능동 구동 유기 EL 장치
이미지 확대
양일석, 김종대, 노태문, 김병두, 권성구, 박일용, 유병곤, 이대우
10739735 (2003.12.17)
20050007315 (2005.01.13)
7391393 (2008.06.24)
02MB5900, 모바일 디스플레이용 SOD 핵심기술 개발, 이진호
Disclosed is a low power and high density source driver and a current driven active matrix organic electroluminescent device having the same, in which all elements operate at a normal voltage and all circuits of the source driver are shielded from a high voltage of a panel. The source driver includes: a shift register for generating an enable signal for storing data; a data latch circuit for storing digital data inputted from an exterior; a line latch circuit for sequentially storing the data in response to the enable signal and outputting the stored data in parallel at one time in response to a load signal; a current type digital-to-analog converter for converting the digital data outputted from the line latch circuit into an analog signal, the analog signal being outputted in a form of a current signal; and a high voltage shield circuit for transferring the output of the current digital-to-analog converter to source lines of an external panel and for shielding internal circuits from a high voltage of the panel. The shift register, the data latch circuit, the line latch circuit, the current type digital-to-analog converter and the high voltage shield circuit are driven at a normal voltage.
KSP 제안 키워드
Analog Converter, Analog signal, Current driven, Digital data, Digital-To-Analog converter, Electroluminescent device, High Voltage, High-density, Latch circuit, Low-Power, Organic electroluminescent device, Shift Register, active matrix, current signal, digital-to-analog(DAC)