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등록 추출 격자 브래그 반사기와 결합된 추출 격자 분포 궤환 레이저 다이오드의 구조

추출 격자 브래그 반사기와 결합된 추출 격자 분포 궤환 레이저 다이오드의 구조
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박문호, 오수환, 고현성, 이철욱, 박상기, 이지면, 김기수, 김수현, 정영철
10749043 (2003.12.29)
20040218639 (2004.11.04)
7130325 (2006.10.31)
01MB3900, 광출력 안정화 Tunable LD 모듈, 박문호
The present invention relates to a semiconductor laser, having a construction capable of tuning a wavelength, in which a sampled grating distributed feedback SG-DFB structure portion and a sampled grating distributed Bragg reflector SG-DBR structure portion are integrated. In the present invention, the refraction index are varied in accordance with a current applied to the phase control area in the SG-DFB structure portion and the SG-DBR structure portion, whereby it is possible to continuously or discontinuously tune the wavelength. Therefore, in such a wavelength tunable semiconductor laser, its construction is relatively simple, and it is relatively useful to the manufacturing and mass-producing the semiconductor laser. In addition, such a wavelength tunable semiconductor laser has an excellent output optical efficiency while making it possible to tune the wavelength of the wide band.
KSP 제안 키워드
Bragg reflector, Control area, Distributed Bragg reflector, Distributed feedback, Phase control, Sampled grating, Sampled grating distributed Bragg reflector(SG-DBR), Semiconductor lasers, Wavelength tunable, Wide band, optical efficiency, refraction index, tunable semiconductor laser
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