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등록 이더넷 수동형 광가입자망에서 VLAN 인식 및 LLID 관리기능을 갖는 공유 랜 에뮬레이션 방법 및 장치

이더넷 수동형 광가입자망에서 VLAN 인식 및 LLID 관리기능을 갖는 공유 랜 에뮬레이션 방법 및 장치
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최수일, 이형호, 김태일
10868479 (2004.06.14)
20050083950 (2005.04.21)
7613187 (2009.11.03)
03MT1100, 초고속 광가입자망 기술개발, 양재우
Disclosed herein is a shared Local Area Network (LAN) emulation method and apparatus. The method includes the following four steps. At the first step, a Logical Link Identifier (LLID) management table is set up to assign unique LLIDs to a plurality of Optical Network Units (ONUs) and manage the assigned LLIDs so as to identify the plurality of ONUs connected to a single Optical Line Terminal (OLT). Thereafter, a MAC address table is set up for the LLIDs to learn MAC addresses of the ONUs. Thereafter, the unique LLIDs are assigned to ONUs when the ONUs request registration from the OLT. Finally, data frames, which are received by a Shared LAN Emulation (SLE) layer of the OLT, are bridged using the LLIDs, VIDs of Virtual LANs to which the ONUs belong and destination MAC addresses of the data frames so as to provide a single matched port between a Logical Link Control (LLC) layer and a MAC layer of the OLT.
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Local Area Network(LAN), Mac address, Mac layer, Optical line terminal(OLT), Optical network, Optical network unit(ONU), Set up, area network, local area, management function