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등록 ULID를 이용한 위치획득 및 위치기반서비스 방법

ULID를 이용한 위치획득 및 위치기반서비스 방법
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남광우, 이종훈, 박종현
10861936 (2004.06.07)
20050140507 (2005.06.30)
7378956 (2008.05.27)
03MC2700, 개방형 LBS 핵심공통기술 개발, 이종훈
The present invention relates to an LBS system in which user location information is obtained using a ULID code of RFID tags attached to various places such as a building, a store, road signs, footway and road, and various LBSs are provided based on the location information. The problems that can be caused when using a conventional GPS and a wireless network are solved. It is easy to immediately obtain location information through a tag and security of private information can be enhanced. The LBS system of the present invention of the present invention includes: a plurality of RFID tags distributed on various places, for wirelessly providing a ULID code of a location; an RFID reader for wirelessly receiving the ULID code from an adjacent RFID tag; a local ULID processor for extracting current location information through a wirelessly received ULID code; and a local LBS application for providing a user with an LBS on the basis of the extracted location information.
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Acquisition method, Data structure, Location based, Location information(GPS), Location-Based Services, Private information, RFID Tag, RFID reader, Road signs, Service System, Wireless network, user location