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전계 방출 디스플레이
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송윤호, 황치선, 이진호
11120679 (2005.05.03)
20050248256 (2005.11.10)
7456564 (2008.11.25)
Provided is a field emission display, which includes: a cathode portion including row signal lines and column signal lines in a stripe form allowing matrix addressing to be carried out on a substrate, and pixels defined by the row signal lines and the column signal lines, each pixel having a field emitter and a control device which controls the field emitter with two terminals connected to at least the row signal line and the column signal line and one terminal connected to the field emitter; an anode portion having an anode electrode, and a phosphor connected to the anode electrode; and a gate portion having a metal mesh with a plurality of penetrating holes, and a dielectric layer formed on at least one region of the metal mesh, wherein the gate portion is disposed between the cathode portion and the anode portion to allow the surface where the dielectric layer is formed to be faced to the cathode portion and to allow electrons emitted from the field emitter to collide with the phosphor via the penetrating holes.
KSP 제안 키워드
Control device, Metal mesh, One terminal, Signal line, anode electrode, dielectric layer, field emission, field emission display, field emitter