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등록 온도와 전기장을 이용한 금속-절연체 전이 온도 센서

온도와 전기장을 이용한 금속-절연체 전이 온도 센서
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김현탁, 김봉준, 이용욱, 최성열, 임정욱, 최상국, 채병규, 윤선진, 강광용
12303000 (2007.05.30)
20090315724 (2009.12.24)
8305221 (2012.11.06)
Provided are an abrupt MIT device with variable MIT temperature or voltage, an MIT sensor using the abrupt MIT device, and an alarm apparatus and a secondary battery anti-explosion circuit including the MIT sensor. The MIT device includes an abrupt MIT layer undergoing an abrupt MIT at a transition temperature or a transition voltage and at least two electrode layers contacting the abrupt MIT layer. The transition temperature or the transition voltage varies with at least one of factors including a voltage applied to the electrode layers, a temperature, an electromagnetic wave, a pressure, and a gas concentration that affect the abrupt MIT layer. The MIT sensor is a temperature sensor, an infrared sensor, an image sensor, a pressure sensor, a gas-concentration sensor, or a switch. The alarm apparatus includes the MIT sensor and an alarm-signaling unit connected in series with the MIT sensor. The secondary battery anti-explosion circuit includes a secondary battery, the MIT sensor attached to the secondary battery to sense the temperature of the secondary battery and thus to prevent the possible explosion of the secondary battery, and a protection circuit body powered by the secondary battery.
KSP 제안 키워드
Concentration sensor, Image Sensor, Infrared sensor, Pressure Sensor, Protection circuit, body powered, connected in series, electromagnetic wave, gas concentration, metal-insulator, metal-insulator transition, secondary battery, temperature sensor(LM35), transition temperature, transition voltage