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등록 TDMA 기반 수동 광가입자망을 위한 동적 대역폭 할당방법과 그 장치.

TDMA 기반 수동 광가입자망을 위한 동적 대역폭 할당방법과 그 장치.
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유학, 윤빈영, 김성창, 두경환, 김광옥, 한만수, 김봉태, 이문섭
12442809 (2007.09.28)
20100008379 (2010.01.14)
8081661 (2011.12.20)
06ZT1100, 광가입자망(FTTH)서비스 개발 실험사업, 김봉태
A dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) device and a method thereof are provided. In the DBA method, the band allocation periods according to class queues and allocable bands with respect to each class queue are calculated on the basis of the service level agreement information and stored according to the service types in separate tables. The bandwidth allocation amount is calculated with respect to class queues which have the allocation periods by concurrently checking all the tables at each frame. The upward bandwidth usage efficiency is improved by calculating the final bandwidth allocation information from the service with a high priority order on the basis of the total allocable bandwidth of the corresponding frame. The upward bandwidth allocation amount can be calculated at each frame by reducing the processing speed in calculating the bandwidth allocation amount of each class queue. Accordingly, it is possible to effectively use the network.
KSP 제안 키워드
Allocation method, Dynamic bandwidth, Optical network, Passive optical network, Processing speed, Service-level Agreement(SLA), Time-division multiple access(TDMA), bandwidth allocation, bandwidth usage, dynamic bandwidth allocation, multiple access, service level