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등록 드로네이 공간 분할에 기반한 곡률반영 등위곡면 생성 시스템 및 방법

드로네이 공간 분할에 기반한 곡률반영 등위곡면 생성 시스템 및 방법
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11950312 (2007.12.04)
20080129727 (2008.06.05)
8022949 (2011.09.20)
05MC2300, 영상 특수효과용 유체 시뮬레이션 기술개발, 이만재
Provided are a system and method for extracting a curvature adapted mesh from a three dimensional implicit function data. The system includes an initial mesh generation module, a curvature geometry module, a space division module, and a final mesh extraction module. The initial mesh generation module generates an initial mesh by receiving implicit function data. The curvature geometry module receives the initial mesh from the initial mesh generation module, calculates a directional curvature of a curved surface, generates a Delaunay vertex set used for Delaunay triangulation, and recalculates an implicit function. The space division module generates Delaunay triangulation information by performing Delaunay triangulation based on the generated Delaunay vertex set from the curvature geometry module, and the final mesh extraction module receives the generated Delaunay triangulation information from the space division module and the three dimensional implicit function data updated at the curvature geometry module, and extracts a final mesh the received three dimensional implicit function data.
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Curved surface, Delaunay Triangulation, Implicit function, Mesh extraction, Space division, Three dimensional(3D), mesh generation