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등록 디지털신호처리프로세서의 소비전력 관리 제어장치 및 그를 이용한 소비전력 관리 시스템과 그 방법

디지털신호처리프로세서의 소비전력 관리 제어장치 및 그를 이용한 소비전력 관리 시스템과 그 방법
이미지 확대
변경진, 구본태, 엄낙웅
11936672 (2007.11.07)
20080133948 (2008.06.05)
8010814 (2011.08.30)
06MB3400, 오디오 비디오 신호처리용 임베디드 DSP Platform, 엄낙웅
Provided are an apparatus for controlling power management of a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and a power management system and method using the same. The power management system includes a command decoding device for decoding a program into which a PSM (Power Saving Mode) command and a general command are inserted and transmitting module information required for execution of a corresponding command to a power management control apparatus at the time of decoding the corresponding command; a pipeline control device for blocking and restarting the transmission of data through a pipeline upon receipt of a pipeline control signal (pipeline stall) from the power management control device; and the power management control apparatus for controlling power in respective modules by setting/resetting corresponding bits of a PSM status register and a PSM flag register in accordance with the PSM command and the general command decoded in the command decoding device.
KSP 제안 키워드
Control Signal, Control device, Digital Signal, Digital signal processor(DSP), Management and Control, Management system, Pipeline stall, Power Management control, Power Saving Mode, Signal processor, power management, power management system(PMS), power saving, transmission of data