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등록 양방향 무선 채널 측정을 위한 다중 안테나 무선 채널 측정 시스템 및 방법

양방향 무선 채널 측정을 위한 다중 안테나 무선 채널 측정 시스템 및 방법
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김명돈, 김원섭, 권헌국, 박재준, 정현규
12746120 (2008.11.26)
20100271953 (2010.10.28)
8446861 (2013.05.21)
07MM1700, 차세대 이동통신용 무선 공간채널 특성 연구, 정현규
The present invention relates to a multi-antenna radio channel measurement system and method for a two-way radio channel measurement, including: Control & Console Software to select a radio measurement mode, generate a probing signal for measurement, receive input parameters to be measured, and deliver the parameters to a baseband unit; a baseband unit (BBU) to set a transmission/reception frequency band and bandwidth and set a timing using the selected radio measurement mode and the received input parameters; a timing unit to synchronize a time with another radio channel measurement system to generate a transmission/reception synchronization signal, and provide the transmission/reception synchronization signal to the BBU; a transceiver unit (TRXU) to up-convert the probing signal for measurement and down-convert the reception channel signal; and a radio frequency (RF) front-end unit (RFFU) to switch to a suitable antenna according to a timing control signal of the BBU.
KSP 제안 키워드
BaseBand Unit(BBU), Channel measurement, Control Signal, Front-End, Input parameters, Radio Frequency(RF), Radio frequency (rf), Transceiver Unit(TXRU), frequency band, measurement system, multi-antenna, radio channel, radio channel measurement, synchronization signal, timing control, two-way