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등록 센서리스 비엘디씨 모터 시스템 및 센서리스 비엘디씨 모터의 구동 방법

센서리스 비엘디씨 모터 시스템 및 센서리스 비엘디씨 모터의 구동 방법
이미지 확대
조영균, 남재원, 권종기, 이희동
13347128 (2012.01.10)
20120242266 (2012.09.27)
8836259 (2014.09.16)
10MB3600, BLDC 모터용 고전압/대전류 파워모듈 및 ESD기술개발, 김종대
Provided is a sensorless BLDC motor system. The sensorless BLDC motor system includes a BLDC motor, a comparator, a motor controller, a three-phase inverter, and a mode selector. The BLDC motor includes first to third coils. The comparator compares a voltage of a specific coil of the first to third coils with a neutral-point voltage to output the compared result. The voltage of the specific coil becomes equal to the neutral-point voltage and a specific time elapses, and then the motor controller generates first and second coil control signals based on the compared result. The three-phase inverter supplies a source voltage or ground voltage to the specific coil, or floats the specific coil, in response to the first and second coil control signals. The mode selector selects a driving mode of the BLDC motor by adjusting the specific time.
KSP 제안 키워드
Control Signal, Mode Selector, Motor Controller, Motor system, Neutral-point, Neutral-point voltage, Sensorless BLDC, Three-Phase, Three-Phase Inverter, bldc motor, driving mode, phase inverter