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등록 알에프아이디를 이용한 거리 한계 측정 방법 및 거리 한계 측정 시스템

알에프아이디를 이용한 거리 한계 측정 방법 및 거리 한계 측정 시스템
이미지 확대
윤택영, 장구영, 황정연, 조남수, 홍도원
13732997 (2013.01.02)
20140062761 (2014.03.06)
9134413 (2015.09.15)
12ZS1100, 지식서비스기반 SW 핵심기술연구, 황승구
A tag decides a response based on a plurality of queries received from a reader, determines whether to transmit the response, transmits the response to the reader according to the results of the determination, and transmits a message authentication code including communication content to the reader. The reader calculates a consumed time period which is the time difference between a transmission time at which the queries are transmitted and a reception time at which the response is received, calculates an average consumed time period of the consumed time period, and measures a distance to the tag based on the average consumed time period. Accordingly, it is possible to check an attacker's intervention with a high probability, thereby improving distance measurement performance. Also, the tag may efficiently perform computing and communication.
KSP 제안 키워드
Distance measurement, Measurement performance, Measuring distance, Message Authentication Code, Message authentication, Passive radio frequency identification(RFID), Radio Frequency(RF), Radio frequency identification (rfid), Time period, Transmission time, authentication code, frequency identification, time difference