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등록 트래픽 과적으로 인한 네트워크 서비스 품질 저하를 개선하는 지능형 트래픽 제어 서비스

트래픽 과적으로 인한 네트워크 서비스 품질 저하를 개선하는 지능형 트래픽 제어 서비스
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오정열, 정환석, 두경환, 김광옥
16140966 (2018.09.25)
20190349081 (2019.11.14)
10673523 (2020.06.02)
17HH3200, SDN 기반 유무선 액세스 통합 광네트워킹 기술, 정환석
A traffic control method and apparatus for solving service quality degradation caused by traffic overhead in a specific node, on which traffic is concentrated in the specific node because of traffic congestion in a software defined network (SDN) environment. A traffic control method to be performed by an SDN controller of an SDN environment includes: collecting real-time traffic state information of a network; detecting traffic overhead of at least one node on the basis of the collected real-time traffic state information; determining whether network resources are available to the at least one node where the traffic overhead is detected; and changing a service level agreement (SLA)-based bandwidth allowable capacity with regard to the at least one node in accordance with available network resources.
KSP 제안 키워드
Bandwidth control, Communication node, Network resources, Quality degradation, Real-Time, SDN-based, Service Quality, Service-level Agreement(SLA), Software-Defined, Software-Defined Networking(SDN), State information, Traffic congestion, Traffic control, control method, defined network, real-time traffic, sdn controller, service level, traffic overhead, traffic state
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