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2014 ITU Supplement 22 to ITU-T X-series Recommendations ITU-T X.1144 - Supplement on enhancements and new features in eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML 3.0)
2015 ITU Security requirements and mechanisms of peer-to-peer-based telecommunication networks
2015 ITU Guidelines on local linkable anonymous authentication for electronic services
2004 ITU Mobility management requirements for NGN
2004 ITU Draft Text of ITU-T X.rmcp-1 | ISO/IEC FDIS 16512-1
2004 ITU Editor’s Revised Text of RMCP-2
2016 ITU Session information message exchange format
2016 ITU Enhanced entity authentication based on aggregated attributes
2016 ITU Enhanced entity authentication based on aggregated attributes
2017 ITU Security capability requirements for countering smartphone-based botnets
2017 ITU Security framework and requirements for open capabilities of telecommunication services
2017 ITU Secure protection guidelines for value-added services provided by telecommunication operators
2010 ITU Information technology - Open Systems Interconnection - Object Identifier Resolution System (ORS)
2010 ITU Information Technology - Mobile Multicast Communications: Framework
2011 ITU Recommendation ITU-T Y.3001 "Future Networks: Objectives and Design Goals
2011 ITU Draft Recommendation ITU-T Y.2020 (Y.OSE-arch): Open service environment functional architecture for NGN - for approval
2011 ITU Methodology for environmental life cycle assessments of information and communication technology goods, networks and services
2012 ITU Overview of Internet of Things
2012 ITU SNMP-based sensor network management framework
2012 ITU Framework of network virtualization for future networks