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학술지 Automated and Coupled Services of Advanced Smart Surveillance Systems Toward Green IT: Tracking, Retrieval and Digital Evidence
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박수완, 이덕규, 한종욱, 김정녀
Journal of Supercomputing, v.69 no.3, pp.1215-1234
14MS3600, 모바일 단말의 비인가 접근 차단 및 안전한 운영환경 보장을 위한 EAL 4급 군사용 융합 보안 솔루션 개발, 김정녀
Green Security is a new research field defining and investigating security solutions using an energy-aware perspective. Growing efforts and interests for an intelligent or smart surveillance system which is capable of automatically detecting and tracking target objects is in the spotlight in the security community. So far, these technologies are mainly aimed at single camera applications and are evolving with the demand for wide-area surveillance systems currently. However, the tracking techniques used on a single camera have limitations in providing effective crime prevention and countermeasures when an incident occurs since an object is not linked to other cameras. In addition, the use of multi-camera systems for wide-area surveillance not only produces large amounts of video data to be stored, but also have more technical requirements in the interrelation between cameras or server. It require a considerable amount of time, manpower and energy in multi-camera tracking and back-tracking of objects. Therefore, we propose the advanced smart surveillance system for wide-areas which is capable of the automated tracking and retrieval of target object and digital evidence-video collection. Furthermore, we considered the multiple-camera environment with non-overlapping views which includes more constraint conditions by various light changes. This system enables real-time object tracking, fast post-retrieval and selective digital evidence collection with economy of time, manpower, memory devices, and energy consumption. Also, this system is more energy-efficient since our schemes are organically connected to each other.
Digital evidence, Object tracking, Surveillance system, Video retrieval, Video surveillance
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Automatically detecting, Constraint conditions, Crime Prevention, Energy-Aware, Evidence collection, Multi-camera systems, Non-overlapping views, Real-time object tracking, Smart Surveillance, Surveillance system, Technical requirement